We provide the mobility solutions so your team can focus on business.


The people in your organisation need to have the right mobile devices, applications and data to work smarter. This is why you need to take a people-first approach to mobility.

Data is now everywhere and so are the people accessing it. To manage this environment, Sundata delivers mobility solutions that allow you to provide the devices, applications and services your people need to be productive and effective. These also allowing you to manage who can access data and what they can do with it.

Mobility is not just about the device – security, network performance and application access are all key elements of the mobility jigsaw. We take a holistic approach to deploying mobility solutions using technologies from leading vendors such as Lenovo, Apple, Citrix and HP.

We can also provide financing, licensing, device and asset management support so your mobile fleet can operate without disrupting your business.

Sundata Mobility Solutions