Hybrid Cloud

Meet every objective with the best Cloud option for you.

Hybrid Cloud

POWERCLOUD is our locally-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering that is designed to support your hybrid Cloud environment.

We’re all on a transition to the Cloud and we’re all transitioning in different ways, with different adoption models. Your IT adoption model will be based on the type of transformation you need to take and the unique service and policy objectives relevant to your organisation.

Getting the right model in place to ensure the best outcomes means rethinking what’s possible. It means disrupting pre-conceived ideas and approaching IT in new and innovative ways. Sundata is in business because we expertly guide you through this journey.

Our clients choose us because we avoid the hype around the Cloud and get down to the real-world discussion about the options and benefits associated with matching your workloads to the best characteristics of the Cloud.

You might be looking for a reliable and cost-effective partnership to host your Windows, Linux or IBM Power* workloads. You might be looking for pricing certainty for your Cloud resources. Your team may need advice, guidance and support around your solution design and change management processes.

Whatever challenges you're facing, we’re always ready to help you meet every objective. Our Cloud solutions encompass the Sundata POWERCLOUD, Azure and AWS and we can help you find the right balance between scale, service, flexibility and price.

Sundata's POWERCLOUD offering covers Intel and IBM Power, based in secure NEXTDC data centres in both Brisbane and Sydney. POWERCLOUD supports the following infrastructure environments:


  • x86 Workloads
    • Our Cisco UCS server capacity ensures a reliable platform for your Windows or Linux workloads, supported by IBM storage and our robust network.
    • VMware, Microsoft and Citrix service provider licensing ensures you can pay as you go and not have to fund upfront license fees.
    • UCS is the leading blade chassis solution in the world and we are pleased to offer its advanced performance and resilience as a platform for our clients' X86 workloads.


  • IBM Power resources
    • IBM OS/400 and AIX workloads are supported as well as Linux, running on current line IBM Power servers, Storwize storage and xSeries Intel servers.
    • We can host JDE, BPCS, Pronto, COINS, Jobpac, M3 and many other core ERP systems, as well as analytics and Windows workloads, either integrated with the Power systems or standalone.


We deliver a robust environment for business-critical data.

Our systems are located at NEXTDC B1 (Brisbane) and NEXTDC S1 (Sydney), offering a robust environment and continuity of power, security and communications.

We host Production, HA/DR and Development and Test environments on either one or both our sites, depending on your needs. You can rest assured your data is always held within Australia.

We co-exist with clients' existing resources to maximise peace of mind for business continuity.

Our skilled team ensures that migration, operation, fail-over and maintenance are performed to specification at all times, meaning one less hassle for our clients. In addition, our agreed scope process ensures you know how much your costs will be every month – no surprises!