Business Continuity

Ensure the resilience of your operations with IT Business Continuity expertise from Sundata.

Business Continuity

Sundata’s High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA&DR) solutions ensure your organisation is ‘always-on’ and ‘always ready’ for any unforeseen disasters. 

Because of the diversity of our customers, we’ve been exposed to many different scenarios that have affected different operating environments. This diversity gives us unique insights and expertise in assessing exposures and implementing plans to prevent or reduce outages.

We’ll ensure your plan includes the essential elements, such as having a policy in place for the resumption of applications, data, hardware, communications (such as networking) and other IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster affecting your organisation.

The business continuity plan (BCP) also needs to include planning for non-IT-related aspects, such as key personnel, facilities, crisis communication and reputation protection and must refer to the disaster recovery plan (DRP) for IT-related infrastructure recovery and continuity.

Assessing the relative priorities of key IT services is an essential first step in building a disaster recovery or continuity plan. Plans may be built around at least the following approaches:

  • Preventive measures - controls aimed at preventing an event from occurring.
  • Detective measures - controls aimed at detecting or discovering unwanted events.
  • Corrective measures - controls aimed at correcting or restoring the system after a disaster or event.

In addition to these services, Sundata also provides continuous operation of IT environments with a particular focus on key services that depend on 24/7 availability.

Sundata Business Continuity Solutions