Our solutions ensure your business is always on,
and always ready for the next challenge.


Our solutions have been developed for organisations that are undergoing a digital transformation. Our clients know their operating models need to keep up with the rapid pace of change within their industry.

Migration to the Cloud, the importance of mobility with security, the need to improve productivity and efficiency throughout the organisation, and having a fail-safe disaster recovery plan in place – these are just some of the market forces that are putting increasing pressure on all our customers.

At Sundata we develop the right solutions to meet your challenges and our Professional Services and Managed Services teams ensure you get the most value from them.

Transforming our clients’ operations by integrating technologies from key industry vendors is our speciality. We’ll work with you to understand how technology can enable your business and then integrate the right components from leading industry vendors including IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, VMWare and Lenovo.


Protect your information assets with Sundata’s IT security expertise.


Sundata’s POWERCLOUD is a local Infrastructure as a Service solution enabling your hybrid Cloud environment.


Ensure the resilience of your operations with IT Business Continuity expertise from Sundata.


Build your robust data centre infrastructure with Sundata's expertise and connections.


Your team works in a mobile world. We provide the mobility solutions so your team can focus on business.


In a connected world you need a network you can count on.


In today’s world of agility and workloads being moved around, migration services are a key enabler.


Be confident that your environment can stand up to any scrutiny.