As A Service

Get the services you want, on your terms.

As a Service

Delivering secure, on-demand infrastructure and services with pricing certainty and local support.

IaaS - Our POWERCLOUD IaaS environment delivers reliable, local and trusted platforms for Windows, Linux, IBM System I and AIX environments. Using Tier-1 systems from IBM and Cisco and securely housed at NextDC in Brisbane and Sydney, we can provide the advantages of hybrid Cloud solutions without the risks and challenges of dealing with inflexible, remote suppliers.

BaaS – Reliable backup and recovery is easily achieved with our Backup as a Service offering. Store your business data securely offsite for a fixed fee each month and rest assure your business can recover its key asset at any time.

SaaS – Bolster yourself against the evolving threat landscape by adopting our Security as a Service offering to strengthen your filtering against incoming threats. Coming in 2017.

Sundata as a Service