Sundata Announcement – QA

Q & A's 

Sundata and Team Computing
Questions and Answers for Customers
Why are you doing this?
In today’s IT market customers demand a high level of service and a broad and deeper range of skills. We take this very seriously and joining forces was a logical and efficient way to strengthen the high standards of service we provide to our customers.
Sundata and Team Computing have both unique and overlapping strengths and offerings. Together our combined resources will provide better coverage for customers, with increased staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The combined entity will have around 40 staff with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
How is this change structured?
OneTeam IT is acquiring the assets and goodwill of Team Computing and Sundata. Existing shareholders that owned Sundata and Team Computing will own OneTeamIT.
When does this happen?
Legal transfer of business occurs on July 1. From July 1 we ask that you consider changing your Sundata purchasing arrangements to OneTeam IT. Existing Sundata orders as at July 1 2021 will be fulfilled and invoiced under the OneTeam IT name. New orders from July 1, 2021 should be directed to OneTeam IT.
Who is Team Computing?
Team Computing was started in 1987 and is locally owned by Peter Sanderson and Tony Maher. Team is an IBM Business Partner and has been since inception. Their deep knowledge in the IBM Power Systems market has been complemented over the years with the addition of other hardware brands and software products that fit within their overall strategy. Team’s purpose is to assist their customers Capture, Analyse, Protect and Integrate their business data, which they see as an irreplaceable asset of any business.
Who is Sundata?
Sundata started in 1986 and is locally owned by Matthew Parker and Kon Kakanis. Sundata partners with most leading IT vendors to offer IT solutions and products to their clients. These include Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, VMWare and many others. Our knowledge across all areas of IT infrastructure from the datacentre to the desktop allows us to provide assistance to clients across all industries. Sundata exists to help its clients maximise the return and benefit of their IT investments.
How does this benefit me as a Customer?
You will see a greater level of service and access to more solutions to help you maximise your ROI on IT investments. OneTeam will be taking over all of the functions of the Sundata and Team Computing businesses, allowing us to concentrate fully on you, and your requirements.
What changes?
From July 1, any purchases you would normally make from Sundata or Team should be directed to OneTeam IT who will fulfil the request, deliver the goods or service and provide an invoice. New banking details will be provided on the OneTeam IT Invoice.
Over the coming months we will gradually introduce improvements to our services and processes, but our intent is to ensure there is no impact on customers, and certainly no interruption to service.
What about the staff?
All employees of Sundata and Team have been offered roles with OneTeam IT and at the time of writing all have indicated their acceptance of those roles.
Your current relationships with your Account Manager, Engineers and the Leadership Team will continue.
Are there changes to Contact Details?
Phone numbers remain unchanged. All staff will be provided with OneTeam IT email addresses, but you should feel free to continue using all current contact points.
What do I have to do?
Because invoices will commence being issued by OneTeam IT from July 1, we ask that you create a vendor ID for OneTeam IT in your accounts payables and procurement systems prior to that date. OneTeam IT’s details appear at the end of this document, but if you require more information please get in touch with us.
We will be contacting you separately where you have agreements that need to be novated or assigned to OneTeam IT. We will ensure this process is as efficient and easy as possible, with no material changes to the arrangements you already have in place.
What about the website?
The existing websites for Sundata and Team will stay up for a little while. The One Team site ( will be live later in June.