Sundata Announcement – Formal Announcement

Sundata Announcement

After many years of working collaboratively in the Australasian IT market, Sundata Pty Ltd and Team Computing from Sydney have taken the strategic decision to merge our businesses.
From July 1, the operations of both Sundata and Team Computing will be conducted under the newly created entity, OneTeam IT Pty Ltd.
The ownership of OneTeam will consist of the prior shareholders of both Sundata and Team Computing, ensuring continuity of culture, service and operations.
This will result in a larger, more resilient team, by joining together the two of the most experienced IT service providers in Australia.
Sundata ( was established in 1986 and provides a broad spread of IT services and products.
Team Computing ( has been around since 1987, and has maintained a premier position among mid-tier IT organisations for over 30 years.
The only administrative change for you will be purchasing and payment details. OneTeam IT will issue invoices and renewal notices. Existing contracts held with Sundata will be assigned to OneTeam IT – with your agreement.
The same people will be available to support you, augmented by additional resources across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. More resources mean more flexibility and better service for you, our valued customers.
The additional capabilities that OneTeam brings means we can offer you even more solutions to help you extract the best return from your IT investments, whether they are infrastructure, applications, data or communications related.
We would appreciate you adding OneTeam IT Pty Ltd (ABN 32 650 154 957) as a vendor in your contact and purchasing systems to streamline the transition process.
Understandably, as a customer of our business, you will have questions. We hope the Q&A here will answer those, but please don’t hesitate to call to discuss this exciting new phase in our growth.


Kon Kakanis                                                 Matthew Parker                                       Peter Sanderson
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