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Security, disaster recovery, performance and reliability are all crucial to building your IT resilience. Download our resource on the subject.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Aeris Resources Case Study

Aeris Resources is one of Australia's five largest independent copper producers. Adopting an IaaS approach to IT has left the company free to focus on core business whilst retaining flexibility.

Managed Services

QER Case Study

As a technology and resources development company, QER relies on robust and highly functional IT. Sundata plays an important role in ensuring QER's systems remain 'fit-for-purpose' without compromising IT management standards.

Business Resilience


Learn how Sundata implemented a comprehensive upgrade to its production and disaster recovery system, operating systems, systems management software and disaster recovery application – all achieved in a 24/7 operating environment.

Backup Recovery

Reliance Worldwide - Backup Recovery & Continuity case study

Reliance implemented a comprehensive upgrade to its production and disaster recovery system all achieved in a 24x7 operating environment..

Backup Recovery & Continuity


Theiss Environmental Services (TES) is a long standing IBM Power user specialising in waste collection and disposal.

Infrastructure Optimisation


Infrastructure Optimisation resource coming soon.

Managed Services


Managed Services resource coming soon.