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At Sundata, we align the right technology solutions to your business strategy to ensure that you get tangible, measurable and business value. What’s more, everything you receive from us is delivered by a local team of technical experts, trusted advisors and support specialists, so you and your organisation are always supported, and always running to optimum performance.

Sundata works with NetApp to provides a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplify the management of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments to accelerate digital transformation.

It’s because we’re always on, that you’re always ready for the next challenge. Get to know a few of our experts here.

Find out how we Created a Remote Working Set-up in Less than a Week

 Has the way we work changed forever?

Sundata is working closely with NetApp to support companies getting their business back into action and adapting to the new ways of working after the COVID-19 lockdown.

With the hybrid office, where staff work from a mix of the office and home, there are new challenges when managing the IT environment to ensure maximum uptime, data security and ease of access to applications and data from anywhere.

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How Big a Deal is Data in your Business?  

How big a deal is data in your business? Should management of this asset be invisible, like your electricity supply? Or does it demand more?


Does its importance demand a mindful approach that recognises the demands of storing, protecting, copying, securing and finally ensuring the integrity of your data resources? Or is it more of an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach?

 Should you Have A Digital Resilience and   Recovery (or continuity) Plan?

On Friday it was announced that Australia has been under cyber-attack from a ‘state actor’ impacting on systems all over the country.  This brings Digital Resilience and Recovery into sharp focus.

In our blog this week, Sundata asks the question, Should you have a Digital Resilience and Recovery (or continuity) Plan? 

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Does a Managed IT Service really offer  Anything Different? 

It can sometimes be hard to figure out just what a managed IT service can bring to the table. A managed IT service is one that may supplement your day-to-day IT operations, so your internal team can focus on the important, rather than the mundane, or the urgent.

How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse when Upgrading your IT 

We all know that the world of IT is filled with lots of hype and that many outside the IT industry may find it frustrating and difficult to navigate. As a result, some organisations have found themselves signing up for services or contracts that end up being unsuited to their needs.

In our latest blog we share, what you need to know about improving your IT environment - without the jargon.

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Find the Best Digital Solution for your Business

If you search for ‘best storage solution’ you are sure to turn up a dozen companies offering solutions that are all the best in their field and offering everything from traditional on-premise to  Hybrid Multi Cloud and everything in between. But what is best for your business? An important deciding factor is whether you want to use Cloud services, on-premise, or a combination both.

5 Questions to ask your IT Team

As a business owner or manager, it’s sometimes difficult to find the right questions to ask about your IT strategy, to ensure that it is all running smoothly. Sundata shares some simple questions to ask your IT team that ensure for more efficient, seamless use of technology in the workplace, as well as improving the security of your team’s devices and network.

How to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Your IT Footprint
How to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Your IT Footprint

How to Increase Efficiency and Reduce your Footprint

As a business, you always need to ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology, and there are countless ways to do it. From consolidating technology and deleted zombie subscriptions, to redesigning your network and planning with the future in mind, Sundata shares our top tips to increase efficiency and reduce your footprint in your IT department.