Migrating to Next Generation Firewall—a Case Study

A Sundata Security Case Study

This state-wide organisation was experiencing significant network performance issues as a result of an out dated and failing firewall. By migrating to Palo Alto Networks VM-100 next generation Firewall, the customer has improved responsiveness while also addressing a number of security vulnerabilities. They now enjoy best practice perimeter security and have been impressed with the knowledge transfer and seamless change experience provided by Sundata.

The Issue

The organisation was experiencing significant speed and performance issues on their high speed internet service which was impacting all users and preventing them performing their core roles.

On investigation, Sundata and the customer were able to identify that the existing firewall was the cause of the issue. The application of security filtering and blocking on the firewall had reduced the performance of their high speed internet service tremendously, resulting in major operational impacts to the business. So much so that the customer's IT team were forced to turn off key security functions (IPS) to free up resources so they could be operational again.

These forced configuration changes had also introduced major risks, as removing certain security functions from the organisation's key perimeter Firewall left them vulnerable to threats.

One of the key hurdles and objectives for the customer was ensuring that the skillset required for any new solution was able to be passed to their key internal IT resources. This would allow the customer to implement and manage the new solution ‘in-house’.

The Solution

Sundata recommended replacing the ageing firewall with a more advanced and technically capable security solution, from Palo Alto Networks. The new solution is better suited to the customer and the evolving threats that are becoming more prominent in today's IT environments.

Sundata introduced the concept of a Co-Managed implementation, where we would conduct the implementation as a team and ensure migration and implementation knowledge was transferred to the customer's key IT personnel throughout the project.

Since completion of the migration project, Sundata has returned to perform a periodic Health Check Report on the Firewall with the customer and made recommendations for new and additional adjustments that can be made to ensure the solution continues to adhere to evolving best practices.

The Outcome

Following implementation the feedback from the customer was that their Firewalls are now performing excellently and they are pleased with the additional security functions that the new Firewall platform delivers. They were very pleased with the engagement from Sundata to make this a seamless experience for them.

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