How Big a Deal is Data in your Business?

The Importance of a Healthy Data Management Strategy

How big a deal is data in your business? Should management of this asset be invisible, like your electricity supply? Does its importance demand a mindful approach that recognises the demands of storing, protecting, copying, securing and finally ensuring the integrity of your data resources, or is it more of an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach?

Why Manage Your Data?

Managing data often ends up like managing online annual subscriptions. We do it this way because that’s how we always did it. Let’s just renew the license or grab another tray of drives. 

Until a crisis, or step change in demand, forces a fresh look at the issue, how does our performance stack up? What about security? Authorised access? Managing duplicate data? What about compression? Test environments? On site vs. cloud? Are we backing up correctly and completely? This list is extensive. 

Getting More With Less

The current economic driver is the push to reduce expenses and cashflow for the next 6 months. So the question becomes: “How can you get more with less?

Tools exist to simplify your storage landscape, and to provide a consistent interface for your various data management tasks. Getting to this promised land of a "single pane of glass" takes some doing, and some unwinding of existing investments in infrastructure and expertise, so it may be more difficult to achieve than it looks on a vendor’s PowerPoint deck.

Whatever drives your review of your storage environment and your data management approach, it’s worth understanding that this is an iterative journey. Tools like ONTAP, a data management solution offered by NetApp provide a framework for getting to a consistent management approach across all your data assets, wherever they may be, on premise, hybrid or cloud

Getting more from less like this free resource to focus on what is critical—maximising the value of your data, protecting it appropriately and making sure it supports the business in an optimal way.


Sundata has been helping clients establish effective data security and management plans for over 30 years. The above thoughts are starting points in assessing the best roadmap and ultimate environment for your business.

In partnership with NetApp, the global data management authority company, we’re backed by best of breed technology to support our client’s goals in this space. If you’re interested in having an expert assess your data management strategy, contact us today. 

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