Has Your IT Infrastructure Aged Beyond Its Value?

The impacts of continuing to operate IT infrastructure that has passed its warranty period creates financial, performance, manpower, and tax implications that could outweigh the cost of refreshing or replacing these systems.

I'm often asked for advice on how to decide when the time is right to refresh IT infrastructure, rather than simply extending maintenance for another year. To help answer this question, I've recorded a video blog on the topic "Keep or Refresh: Understanding the implications of outdated IT infrastructure."

Keep or Refresh: Understanding the implications of outdated IT infrastructure

In about 15 minutes, I explain some of the hidden costs of operating older hardware and the key indications that it might be time for a refresh.  The major factors include:

  • Warranty costs
  • Maintenance agreement service levels
  • OS & application support
  • Security
  • Reliability and recovery from outages/failures
  • Reduced performance
  • Inefficiencies in manpower allocation
  • Value depreciation

When enough of these warning signs warrant a look at investing in a systems replacement, it can be a challenge to help those who are holding the purse strings understand just how costly maintaining outdated technology ultimately is.

To help, we’ve created an editable PowerPoint presentation that targets senior management who might still need some convincing. Simply add your logo and any of your own specialised research and use it to help make your business case.

Watch the video and download the template here.

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