Finding the Best Digital Solution for Your Business

Sundata helps you find the perfect solution for you and your data.

If you search for ‘best storage solution’ you are sure to turn up a dozen companies offering solutions that are all the best in their field and offering everything from traditional on-premise to  Hybrid Multi Cloud and everything in between. But what is best for your business?

There are plenty of options for running your applications, storing your data and managing your digital assets, depending on how you want to invest in your IT infrastructure. An important deciding factor is whether you want to use Cloud services, on-premise, or a combination both.

At Sundata, as part of our initial conversations, we will often ask our clients the questions:

  • Does your key business data need to stay in a private secure environment? E.G. On your own systems or at least in a Private Cloud.
  • Do you want to run IT on your own assets, or consume IT ‘As a Service’?
  • Are there any business, security or compliance imperatives that rule any options in or out?
  • What is your IT expertise (resources, labour, etc.), and what option best suits that capacity?
  • Would you rather deal with people local to you, or a self-service portal or store where the service is supported by a call centre?
  • Do you have the resources & expertise to manage consumption under a rate card structure?
  • Are you OK with change management driven by other parties?
  • What are the Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity implications of Private vs Public Cloud for you?

Based on your needs, we can help you decide on which option is best for you — public Cloud, private Cloud, on-premise, or a combination of these.

What is important, is developing a solution that maximises efficiency (and agility if needed) while minimising cost. This ensures the business has the functions it needs while addressing data security and importantly maximising the return on your IT spending.

If you have systems that need a ton of storage, but you don’t need fast or regular access to all of that data, the right type of Public Cloud offering might be the option for you. Public Clouds use a ‘scale-out’ model so you can expand (or contract) the capacity to your storage (and budget) needs as you go.  They also may offer lower prices for lower performance expectations.

If control over all aspects of your data and applications access is critical, On-Premise, Hybrid or Multi-Cloud might be the right option for you.

A Hybrid Multi Cloud approach provides the widest range of options to address cost, performance, agility, security and governance requirements.  A Multi-Cloud environment also drives the need for a single tool to manage storage across multiple estates.  ONTAP, a multi Cloud storage management solution, offered by NetApp is a classic example of a software-driven approach to storage management that transcends the differences between Cloud and On-Premise deployments.

On-premise solutions are sometimes overlooked by IT strategists, for various reasons, but On-Premises storage is sometimes the best data option for a business.

If you are wanting to avoid adding another monthly fee to your budget for a data storage service that you might not even be taking full advantage of, deploying an On-Premise data storage unit could be perfect for your business.

Sundata focuses on solutions for your business, whether it is from a remote perspective or in-person support. We have been supporting clients and establishing effective digital solutions for over 30 years.

In partnership with NetApp, we are backed by the best Cloud expertise to support our client’s goals in their unique environments. Get in touch to have a conversation about how we can help manage your IT services and find the right digital solutions for you today.

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