Your expert support team for implementing innovative strategies.


Your organisation can be transformed by technology. From the data centre to the devices your people use each day, successfully implementing technology is the key to improved productivity, efficiency and profitability. We're pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our expertise lies in helping you realise the full potential of technology. We’ll help you strengthen your technology strategy, so it aligns with business outcomes. Our team of trusted advisors will fuel your thinking, guide you through the exploration of new ideas and introduce you to innovative strategies.

When all you need is a simple product or solution to meet an everyday challenge, we’ll be your safe pair of hands to ensure procurement, installation and activation always happen. When you need to take a deeper dive into unchartered territory, we’re your support team to keep you on track.

Everything you receive from us is delivered by a local team of technical experts, trusted advisors and support specialists, so you and your organisation are always supported, and always running to optimum performance.

It’s because we’re always on, that you’re always ready for the next challenge. Get to know a few of our experts here.

John Healey

Business Development Manager

John-Healey 2

John has over 30 years IT project experience and is responsible for providing technical resources for our clients, for both short and long term contract needs.

Watie Alberty

Senior Network Consultant


Watie leads our network team, focussing on security, connectivity and network performance.  In today’s always connected business world, secure, high performing networks are critical to your business.