Does a Managed It Service Really Offer Anything Different?

How Sundata can help your business with reliable IT support

It can sometimes be hard to figure out just what a managed IT service can bring to the table—one that may supplement your day-to-day IT operations, so your internal team can focus on the important, rather than the mundane, or the urgent. Of course, having the appropriate support to suit your business is imperative. 

Sundata’s IT services manage at all levels, from a single piece of managed support, through managing your complete IT infrastructure.

At the most basic level, I’m often asked: “Why go to a managed service?

There are multiple reasons to consider such a change:

  • Your wish list is greater than the internal team’s capacity to deliver,
  • The urgent overwhelms the important
  • Low capability for occasional jobs sometimes means the work takes longer than it should
  • Seeking perfection – whether it’s needed or not
  • Mixed signals about priorities.

Outsourcing for Managed Services may neutralise some of these by locking in priority, frequency, skills & accountability, sometimes more easily than juggling these internally.

Expert Support

A managed IT service provides your business with a range of technical experts, support staff, and advisors to run your daily IT operations with fewer hiccups and well-informed input to your strategies.

In recent times, challenges such as compliance and even patching were low priority.  These are now top or near top of the list and are precisely the types of task that an expertly-managed service may help deliver.

Do More with More

Considering if a managed IT service is what you need depends ultimately on whether you feel that your IT investment is delivering the outcomes you seek. This is a common issue for many business owners as they observe their IT department being asked to do more than they are resourced for.

A managed IT service can solve this issue by enhancing the focus of your own IT resources on high-value tasks that require business domain knowledge, while the generic support tasks relating to Operating Systems, networks, security, storage and so on are managed by a team that lives in that world 24/7.

The specialised team at Sundata takes care of many aspects of our managed client's IT presence, from storage environments to firewalls, to desktop devices. We work with major industry vendors like NetApp to ensure that the best of breed technology is optimised yet ensuring that only what you need in the business is deployed at any one time.

"Always On" Service

Another aspect of an IT managed service is a commitment to staying current with the latest technology and understanding what’s available at any one time that can help customers gain leverage.

At Sundata, we are "always on", so that you are always ready for the next challenge.  Ultimately, we focus on your IT needs, so that you can focus on the more important aspects of doing business.

An expertly managed IT service can make all the difference to your business and can give you the opportunity to grow your company without worrying about constantly monitoring the health of your IT services.

If a managed IT service sounds right for your business, contact us today.

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