COVID-19 Arrangements at Sundata


In Brief:

  • Remote work continues
  • All except essential staff working from home
  • Staff in the office for stock handling and physical build or imaging tasks only (maximum two staff)
  • Site visits are limited to ‘imperative only’
  • Business related air travel and conference or training attendance has been deferred
  • Meetings facilitated via collaboration tools (Skype, Webex, Zoom etc)
  • We will continue to monitor and adjust as quickly as possible to any changes.

Many clients have asked us about our COVID-19 mitigation plans and how we are working to maintain continuity of services and offerings through this challenging period.

This document provides details around our operational plans.

We are very serious about doing all we can to prevent the spread of this virus, and to ensure that we limit our and your exposure to potential sources of infection.

Accordingly, we have directed our staff not to visit client sites for all but emergency work, and in cases where a visit is definitely required (and we will seek client agreement to this in advance).  We aim to keep interactions between our staff and client staff only to what is absolutely necessary.

Remote Work Continues

Most of what we do for clients can be accomplished remotely, and this will be our support plan until the risk is officially gone or recommendations change.  If we have remote access arrangements with our clients, we will use these.  Where we do not, we will be requesting credentials for remote access.

We have reminded all staff about the importance of good personal hygiene, handwashing procedures, social distancing and other recommended strategies, and have a policy of self-isolation if any staff member has direct or indirect exposure to a known or suspected case.  Our office cleaning procedures have been made more robust, and we are also checking staff wellness daily to assist in identifying at risk staff.

This week (30/3) we are all working from home, with the exception of staff required in our office for stock and order handling, as well as physical builds or imaging required by clients.

Monitoring and Adjustment

Over time, we may see cases that directly impact us or our customers, but by implementing these measures now we remain able to help you, and minimise the risk to us all.

Currently, none of our managed services delivered remotely are impacted. Those that involve site visits will be individually considered by management. In some cases, we will seek access from you at a time when there are minimal staff on your site.  We have no doubt about your support for this approach.

Please call us if you have any questions, or wish us to apply any other procedures in your case.

As always the best contact number for us is 1300 697863 or email to your account manager or

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