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30 years of innovation – The Sundata story

The year was 1986 and the business landscape was vastly different. P.C.s had only been on the market for about four years and email wasn't ubiquitous; you relied on telephones and letters or, if you were lucky, fax machines. The term I.T. entrepreneur didn’t really exist and the term “start-up” wasn’t common at all. The…
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Tackle your data storage needs in 3 steps

Much like death and taxes, incomprehensible data growth is now considered one of life’s certainties. Almost. In our previous blog we talked about how British spies were collecting so much data they couldn’t analyse it all and put lives at risk as a result. And it isn’t just spies who are struggling. A Tech Research…
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You can never have too much data

From the beginning of time until 2003, humans created about 5 billion GB of digital information. By 2011 that same amount was being created every two days, and with data generation tipped to grow exponentially in the coming years it will soon drop to every two minutes. It’s facts and figures like this which are…
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