How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Upgrading IT

Sundata explains what you need to know about improving your IT environment - without the jargon.

We all know that the world of IT is filled with lots of hype and that many outside the IT industry may find it frustrating and difficult to navigate. As a result, some organisations have found themselves signing up for services or contracts that end up being unsuited to their needs.

Whether it’s because of aggressive selling, impulse buying, or moving too fast, the damage may last the length of the contract (and even longer in your business).

But the good news is that the solution might be more straightforward than you think – think it as making an investment in determining what IT service is right for your business.

One example we see too often is the latest buzz words like “Hybrid Multi Cloud” or “Cloud based storage management” being thrown around, claiming it is the only/best/latest in managing your data; but in reality, unless you are an enterprise-size business, this may be a more complicated solution than your business needs.

Unless you have specific strategic requirements as part of your IT plan, the Cloud may be a much more complicated and expensive service than your business might need.

For medium-sized organisations in Australia, often times a medium-sized, manageable, on-premise server and storage environment is more than enough, especially if you have the help of a managed IT services company on your side to help set up, sort through, and manage your environment.  

Cloud options are still there for specific or ‘burst’ workloads, which is often where the Cloud excels.

It’s important to ‘right-size’ your technical solution so it is appropriate to your business in scope, complexity, and cost.

Public Clouds (such as those by Microsoft, Amazon and Google) often offer scale-out solutions, allowing you to build up your storage and CPU size as needed and shrink it just as fast. Private Clouds (run by your own company, typically from your own offices or a data centre, providing a more secure and private location for your data storage) are more accessible than ever now and are often the easiest migrate path from traditional infrastructure.

Amongst others, NetApp for example, offers an effective HCI that takes your Private Cloud and provides an infrastructure that guarantees that your Private Cloud servers will be fast, efficient, and organised.

Netapp also offers ONTAP which lets you manage your storage across private and cloud environments through a single interface.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to do is to find an IT service provider that you can trust to give you an honest service and that provides what you need without the needless add-ons.

The IT hype cycle is well known and technology maturity and acceptance are often able to be related to it.  Leading-edge or bleeding edge?  Many of our clients understand this and are happy to gain a return on IT investment based on a balanced comparison between traditional solutions and the ‘latest and greatest’.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business improve your IT service without risking a harsh bout of buyer’s remorse, get in touch and we will help you get the return you want from your IT investment.  

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